Sensor Array Signal Processing – Johannes Kepler Universtität Linz



                The objective of the course is to introduce the fundamentals of sensor array signal processing using linear algebra, optimization and intuition. The main focus is on beamforming and direction finding methods and their application in several areas of electrical engineering (communications, sensing, defence systems, etc).



I.  Sensor Array Processing

II.  Beamforming Techniques

III.  Direction finding



                               The assessment is based on lists of exercises (LE) and an exam paper (E). The final grade is given by FG = 0.25LE+ 0.75E.


Lists of exercises:


Matlab codes:

                                               MVDR beamforming - code

                                               Direction finding - code


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2.   JOHNSON, D.H., DUDGEON, D. E., Array Signal Processing. Prentice Hall, 1993.