Why do a Postdoc at PUC-Rio?

         A Postdoc is often required for a researcher to complete his PhD work and to collect more papers, contributions and experience so that he or she can apply for an academic position.

         In Brazil, we have the the Science without Borders programme , CAPES, CNPq and FAPERJ which can fund postdoctoral work. It takes 3-4 months for a decision about a project.

         Fellowships of 3-5 years with values ranging between US$3000-4000 (tax free) per month.

         Funding for equipment, travel and conferences.

         Great flexibility for choosing your topic in agreement with your supervisor.

         What is required?

o   Excellent English including both oral and written.

o   Excellent academic record and top journal papers (IEEE and IET journals).

o   An PhD degree or equivalent.

o   A funding application prepared together with a supervisor.

How can I find accommodation?

         Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is often expensive and a good way to start is to share a room. A straightforward way to look for rooms is via Easyroommate.

Internships, visits, prolonged stays?

         Funding for visiting professors or researchers depends on the case. Please contact me to discuss opportunities.

         Students pursuing an MSc or a PhD who wish to spend time at CETUC/PUC-Rio are encouraged to contact me.

         We do not have funding for internships.

Note: The above description, comments and suggestions reflect my own opinion.