Why do a PhD in electrical engineering at PUC-Rio?

         A PhD is required for an academic career, research positions in government institutes and industrial companies.

         It is awarded based on original work of high calibre and scientific rigour, which is usually indicated by publications, inventions (patents), etc.

         PUC-Rio is a top university in Brazil with excellent facilities, located in a superb area near the best beaches of Rio de Janeiro. You can do a PhD at the same level as any top institution in Europe or in the USA.

         Full scholarships for 4 years (the PhD at PUC-Rio lasts 3-4 years), which currently amount to at least US$1000 (tax free) per month and also cover tuition fees.

         Great flexibility for choosing your topic in agreement with your supervisor.

         Travels to conferences to present your findings.

         What is required?

o   Excellent English including both oral and written.

o   Very good academic record.

o   Creativity, passion, determination and scientific rigour.

o   An MSc degree or equivalent.

o   An application before the deadline. At PUC-Rio, in electrical engineering we recruit twice a year: a) applications by the end of June to start in August and b) applications by the end of November to start in February/March.

o   You will need to take 5 courses in the first year, have a qualification exam at the end of the first year and then write a PhD thesis (preferably in English).

o   The PhD degree requires you to collect enough findings within your topic to be able to publish 2-3 reputable journal papers and 4-6 international conference papers.

The main goal is to come up with original ideas that can have a significant scientific impact (the number of people who read your papers and refer to them).

How can I find accommodation?

         Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is often expensive and a good way to start is to share a room. A straightforward way to look for rooms is via Easyroommate.

Note: The above description, comments and suggestions reflect my own opinion.