2006-2008 - Habilitation, University of York, United Kingdom.


2001- 2004 - PhD in Electrical Engineering at CETUC, PUC-RIO, Brazil.


Doctoral Dissertation: “Structures and algorithms for multiuser detection and interference suppression in DS-CDMA systems”.


Supervisor: Prof. Raimundo Sampaio Neto


1999 – 2001 -  MSc in Electrical Engineering CETUC, PUC-RIO, Brazil.


MSc Thesis: “Speech coding at rates below 2 kb/s”.


Supervisor: Prof. Abraham Alcaim


1993 – 1998 - Diploma Degree: Electrical Engineering at the Department of  Electronics and Computer Engineering, UFRJ.


Diploma thesis: “A CELP speech coder for Brazilian Portuguese”.


Supervisors: Profs. Sérgio Lima Netto and Fernando Gil V. Resende Jr.